Sunday, 2 June 2013

Sunday Social

"Summer lovin had me a blast... Summer lovin happened so fast... Met a girl crazy for me... Met a boy cute as can be..."

1. What is your favourite social media outlet?
Obviously this blog! But I love Twitter, you know, for all those pointless ramblings! 
2. Do you subscribe to any daily new reads? If so, which ones?
I don't, but if you have any recommendations send them on over!
3. What is your favourite magazine to have by the pool?
I hate to admit it but I love trashy gossip mags! 
4. What is your favourite summertime song?
Summer Nights - Olivia Newton John & John Travolta, Grease!
or Summer Love - Justin Timberlake 
5. What is the best summer concert you've been to?
Ohhhh I absolutely LOVED Harry Connick Jr. at The Hollywood Bowl - AMAZING!!

What is your favourite summertime song? I'm so curious! Xx

Sunday Social


  1. Summer's not hot by Selena Gomez is my most favourite summer song ever!

  2. I love twitter too :) I am gonna check Timberlake's song , need a new summer song ;)
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  3. Twitter seems to be the fastest and simplest to me. All Grease music is fun to listen to music. :)

  4. The Grease song is a great one, that was my all-time favorite movie for years.

    And ooooooooooooooh you got to see HCJR!!!! Lucky!

  5. I love Grease! Summertime by Justin is such a good song too. I love Harry. I've seen him in concert when he was touring for his Christmas album and I have tickets to see him in July. I'm so excited to go again. Stopping by from Sunday Social!!

  6. Summer Love is still my fav too girl. Saw you on the link up come say hi sometime! Xoxo.


  7. Ooooohhhh, so jealous you saw Harry in concert! Looooooove him!!!

    Did you get a new "look" for your blog at the top, or do I just need more coffee? It's super cute!

  8. "it's magic" by the cars. yes, i have had at least 4 different people, (including one of my best friends), tell me i look like cheryl hines.


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