Sunday, 23 June 2013

Sunday Social

1. What is your favourite store to shop at?
Zara is my fave but there isn't one where I live, booooo! I also love Topshop, Forever New and Sportsgirl 
2. If you could afford anything and everything, which designer brand would you covet?
Louis Vuitton for sure! And Chanel - it's more for the handbags and shoes than anything, I'm not bothered about designer clothes! 
3. What is your must have closet staple?
Black skinny jeans - I know it's pretty boring but you can wear anything and everything with them, fancy or casual!! 
4. What is your favourite kind of shoes? (brand or type)
I'm most comfortable in a pair of vans! 
5. What is the best clothing deal you've ever gotten? (sale or amazing find)
Oooooh I got my favourite leather jacket from Macy's in LA - originally $300 brought way down to $45 - NOT EVEN KIDDING!!!! In perfect condition and everything!
6. What is a style you'd love to try?
I'd really love to try bohemian, just flowy and chic and beachy hair, that'd be awesome! 

Sunday Social


  1. 300$ to 45$ ? You're the luckiest one of the earth , lol :) I am so in love with Chanel handbags .
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  2. If I could one thing from mum , it'd be boho style. She never agrees on it but I love it!

  3. I chose Bohemian too! :)

  4. That E card is hilarious! I completely agree :)

  5. that louis vuitton quote is hilarious! once my husband found out how much their purses were he nearly fainted lol
    stopping by the linkup

  6. My son got me a Chanel purse years ago, and it's the one that's held up far better than any other. :)

    Happy Monday to you!

  7. Cheriese, i continually enjoy reading your sunday social posts. i want to see that leather jacket. i totally need to find some black skinny jeans when autumn arrives.


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