Tuesday, 30 July 2013

15 Things You'd Hate About Me...

I recently saw a "Things You'd Hate About Me" blog post (for the life of me I can't remember where!) and within a second I had already thought of 5 things that people would hate about me, isn't that sad! What is worse is that I actually have more than 15 things, but was too afraid to share the rest - I don't want to scare any of you lovelies off!

To be honest, all of the things on my list don't particularly bother me - apart from numbers 1 and 11, those are the only things I would want to change - but this isn't a list of things I hate about myself, that will be coming in good time! I do hope that you will accept me and all my flaws...

  1. I'm incredibly shy and a total anxious antisocial mess. If we ever went out for dinner or something I'd probably make you order for me because I am so terrified of talking to people. 
  2. My love for distasteful reality/trash TV. The Amazing Race and Survivor are both totally awesome but when it comes to trashy reality shows I'm a total snob. I absolutely most definitely will complain about how stupid and annoying the Kardashians are but secretly I have it series-linked and never miss an episode. 
  3. I'm very particular about certain things, maybe a little obsessive compulsive. Everything has a specific place and I like things done my way. I'm pedantic about people using coasters, but I don't care about using them myself.
  4. I don't like a lot of foods. I'm very fussy. I mean, I love to eat but I'm not adventurous, I refuse to try anything new!  
  5. I'm lazy. If I make a sandwich I'll use a paper napkin just so I don't have to wash up a plate.
  6. I giggle a lot. A LOT. When things are awkward. When something isn't funny. In tense situations. There I am, giggling like a little girl. I also smile a lot too, I can see how that could get annoying.
  7. I'm a negative Nancy. The glass is half empty for me. I'm always frowning and groaning about something. I don't know what to make of happy and positive people who don't acknowledge the bad things in life.  
  8. I don't talk. I don't know if that's because I'm so shy or because I never have anything to say. I suck at holding a conversation, if you tell me something awesome that's happening in your life I'll ask a million and one questions to keep the conversation up but I'll never have something to offer in return. 
  9. I notice everything: Your bad grammar, the fact that your shoes don't match your handbag, that one little bit of hair that's sticking out of place, that little eye roll when I correct your poor grammar HAHA! I'm not judgemental or critical (only about the grammar thing!), I barely even care, but I definitely notice. 
  10. I hate having nights out with friends. And I never return calls. I used to make plans and then cancel at the last minute, yes I was THAT girl. I've grown up a bit and have stopped doing that, luckily! Once I commit I have to stick to it. But I'd rather be at home! I'm very selfish like that. I also have zero motivation to do anything.
  11. I never say what I'm truly thinking. I care what people think about me which is probably why I notice so much. If I'm mad at you I'll act as if nothing is wrong. It's very easy for people to walk all over me, they think that I just don't care, but deep inside I'm screaming at them to f**k off!!! 
  12. I'm very politically correct and am offended easily. I believe that everyone has a right to their own opinions but I just don't think it's necessary to share it with the world or try to change someone else's beliefs. I'm also always shocked when someone says the f word - it's pretty hilarious really, if you ever saw my jaw dropping reaction!! I'm such an innocent!
  13. Manners are very important to me. If you ask me to do something for you without proper manners I will overtly make you say "please" or "thank you" by somewhat rudely stating that you failed to do so. 
  14. I'm one of those annoying people that while watching a movie I love will recite the lines before they've even been said. I just like to show off that I know the movie by heart. I hate show offs, ugh. 
  15. I can't take a compliment. It makes me very uncomfortable. You can't tell me I look nice today or I'm good at something, I mean you can but I won't accept it, like a normal person. I'll just scrunch my nose up and pull a 'yeah right, I'm sure, don't patronise me'  face. It's not that I'm being humble or modest, I just don't agree. 

I'm very very nervous about posting this! I feel it's been very therapeutic though, I like that I can express these things here, I like that I can accept most of them too.

What things do you think people wouldn't like about you? 


  1. Awww, honey! I have mixed emotions about this post. I'm glad to see you putting it out there (it IS therapeutic!) but some of your points make me sad.

    1. I realize I only know you from blog world, but I would have never picked up on this one.
    2. Amen. I really can't do the Kardashians anymore, my shows are Honey Boo Boo and Big Rich Texas
    6. I too, giggle at extremely inappropriate times. We should go crash weddings together and laugh through the ceremony!
    7. Girl, turn that frown upside down! No need to always be so negative. You're gonna miss a lot of beautiful things out in the world.
    9. I notice everything, too. Steve gets so mad that nothing ever gets by me.
    11. :-(
    12. The F word shocks you?!?! Lol, your mouth must always be wide open when you read my blog posts!
    13. I'm the same way. Please, thank you, no thank you.
    14. Guilty
    15. :-(

    I'm proud of you for putting this out there <3

  2. cheriese, i'm surprised you're shy because i feel like you have a lot of good things to say! you're very witty, and a fab writer. i bet i could get you to talk. ;) you're number 7 is my fave. i get it. unlike you, i'm horrible at grammar. don't let anyone walk all over you. you are worth more than that. got it?

  3. Oh mi Lord, firstly you deserve a high five. I really don't like to wash a plate so I can eat a mango without a plate, dirty? Why lie when I spy for Keep up with Kardashian, no matter how much I hate them but they're fun to watch. I really didn't expect that you'll call yourself shy! And the giggling problem is GLOBAL!
    And girl, you're not a reply-blogger. I should have mentioned it a long while ago. Just google and become one to catch GREAT conversations.
    PS: I won Cinnamon in Christmas giveaway last year!

  4. Some of these are the same for me, haha. And that's ok, we can't be perfect and I think some people try to act as if they are, but they have habits that are just as bad, if not worse. Hope you have a great day doll xx

  5. I'm a vegetarian and it drives people crazy, lol.

  6. I am a BAD caller , I usually never call back unless it's mom or dad . LOL , I try hard to stray away from using a plate , who's enough time to wash dishes , duh!
    PS : I totally enjoy your tweets , that's the reason I thought you were ....err social?
    Noor @ Noor's Place


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