Friday, 12 July 2013

52 Lists

It's pretty cold and miserable outside so I shall take this opportunity to post some lists I've forgotten about  HOORAY! 

Childhood Dinners

Ahh, this was such a fun list! I forgot to add Fried eggs &French Fries, that was and still is a big favourite! 
Spaghetti on toast was my go-to meal, straight after school! 
Rice & Crisps  is still a big hit too, a lot of people think it's weird!
The only one of these that I've totally gone off now is Macaroni & Cheese, it makes me sick just thinking about it! 

Pets I have had

I've grown up with so many animals, mostly cats. We are definitely cat people! 
Sami & Steffy were both beautiful golden labs and the rest on this list are cats! We had a few fish in a pond out the back but we never named them. It's funny to see all the quirky names we chose for our pets. 
I actually have a list of names that I'd give any future pets, they include:
Boo Radley
Do you like my little nod to To Kill a Mockingbird there? hehe ;)

What were your favourite childhood dinners?
What pets have you had? Do you have any cool names for future pets?


  1. Instantly recognizing the nod, that's always been one of my favorite books.

    My fave childhood dinner was my grandma's homemade beef & noodles because she'd let me help her roll, cut, and dry out the noodles (very fun!).

  2. I never had any pets , my parents are allergic . But I still love chicken nuggets so far :)
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  3. Cheriese, i continue to enjoy reading your lists and discovering these things about you, while questioning how similar or different my own lists would be. yes, i really liked the movie ruby sparks. it wasn't as light-hearted as it appears. it had an overall message about love and relationships that got me thinking about life.

  4. Ahhh, To Kill a Mockingbird. I would totally name a pet Scout.

    We had a parakeet named Skittles, he kicked ass. My favorite after school snack was a piece of Ellio's pizza (hell, I still love me some Ellio's) and it was a happy night in my house when my mom would make us Perdue chicken nuggets and Kraft Mac & Cheese (the ghetto powdered kind!)

  5. These posts are too cute, and I love the kitty drawing! I love this idea <3



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