Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Disney on Ice!!

OMG you guyyyyyys! First things first, let me just gush about how thrilled I am about the royal baby, well baby Prince now!! I had a dream it would be a boy, how spooky! I'm totally obsessed with Wills and Kate and I'm so excited for them and their new little family, ugh I feel tears coming on! Anyway...

Ooooooooooh baby! Disney on Ice was AMAZING!! It could not have been more wonderful, I had THE best time! 
I felt like such a kid and had a massive smile on my face the whole time! 

The show was so spectacular, Mickey and Minnie came out to 'When You Wish Upon a Star' and I got goosebumps and almost started bawling, typical me! They had Princesses and Princes galore, from Aladdin and Jasmine to Rapunzel and Flynn! OMG I lost it when Lumiere came out and sang 'Be Our Guest' ahhhhhhhh, favourite song!
The costumes were so lovely and I left wishing I could skate, very very impressive! We had super awesome seats too!!

There was an extravagant fire show and a very cool dragon with Sleeping Beauty and an even cooler bubble and smoke show with The Little Mermaid and creepy Ursula! There were also fireworks at the end with TinkerBell, so pretty! I think my favourite of all would have been Cinderella and the ball! She arrived in her beautiful carriage and the other guests did a stunning waltz, accompanied by her crazy ugly step sisters bouncing all over the place! Oh, it was magical!

I left on such a high, it was a magnificent show! Here are some pictures, I'm sorry they aren't very good, it's a bit hard to get good shots when they are skating all over the place! I also hate going to a show and getting caught up with taking snaps rather than watching the performance!

Oh yeah, Mickey totally waved at me!

Oh I wish I could go again and again!


  1. We go every year and every time that Cinderella would come out, I would cry. Every time! It's just so magical!

  2. looks and sounds like total fun! you can go again, maybe next year? we saw disney on ice when i was in 6th grade like 100 yrs ago. i remember liking it.

  3. these pictures look fab! and the royal baby is so cuteeee, i thought it was going to be a girl haha but either way he's adorable!


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