Tuesday, 16 July 2013

July photo a day challenge - Week 2

Here is the second week of my photo a day challenge... Thanks to all who sent ideas for 'Smooth' - I did seriously think about waxing my legs and applying my favourite lotion but it's the middle of winter and I couldn't be arsed!   I ended up googling it and the first thing that came up was Smooth Criminal, so I thought I'd run with it, it's definitely one of my favourite MJ songs for sure!

Day 10: Smooth...

Annie, are you ok?

Day 11: I wore this...

Disney Princesses names tee, from Etsy - favourite!! 

Day 12: A Bad Habit...

Binging on chocolate!!! Can't help it, not even sorry!

Day 13: 4 O'clock...

Bestie got this clock made for me!! AWESOME!

Day 14: Edible...

Starved myself all day for waffles, left on a waffle high!!

Day 15: Outside the Window...

The babe under my favourite olive tree.

Day 16: Bottle...

I am obsessed with and collect milk bottles!

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  1. Oooooh, Smooth Criminal!! Genius!!!!!!!! Love me some old skool MJ!

    I'm not even lying, I just had a Twix bar for breakfast. Washed down with coffee. Breakfast. Of. Champions.

  2. That olive tree is fabulous!

  3. cheriese, in high school we used "smooth criminal" for a dance class routine. i was terrible. fun song. i was just listening to MJ yesterday, for real. that princess t is so you! i want that waffle. i have a weakness for chocolate too. pretty olive tree. you have a great friend to give you such a wonderful beatles clock as a gift. :)


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