Saturday, 20 July 2013

Quick Catch Ups!

GUYSSSSSS guess what??!! I'm going to Disney on Ice tomorrow!!! Eeeeeeee I'm so EXCITED (More excited than the kids I bet!) We are taking the little babes and I definitely think we are going to have a ball, I've been looking forward to this all year! I hope they'll have some pretty decent merchandise too, I love my Disney merch!!!

In other news the past few days have been so much fun and oh so draining, I'm trying not to fall asleep on the keyboard right now! I spent the last few nights house sitting with Bestie! We built an awesome blanket and pillow fort in the lounge and we snuggled in and watched Disney movies and stuffed our faces with popcorn and chocolate and ice cream and lollies! Oh, the life! 

We also baked some really cute Eiffel tower cookies to take to Disney on Ice, played games, watched the cricket, sang and danced and basically run amok! When we have sleepovers we generally stay up till all hours gossiping and giggling, so today I'm completely zonked and totally miss grumpy, so stay outta my way! Anyway I'm home now and I must say there is nothing better than my own bed and my own shower, pure bliss!

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! Xx


  1. Woah , it looks SO fun . I love besties night parties and forts have been an essential ;)
    Good luck for your trip , I'd love to see what you're gonna buy from disney merchs .
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  2. I always am more excited about Disney on Ice than my brothers and sister. Always! Hope you have tons of fun. Oh, and those cookies look awesome!

  3. I am loving the shit out of the fact that you had a BFF Sleepover. Rocks. My. Socks.

    I'm totally behind on blog reading, which is why youre gonna have a bunch of comments from me


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