Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Things that make my heart happy!

Holy Chicago you guys, I can't believe it's the 2nd of July already! I know I say this every year but this year seems to have rolled on by out of nowhere! Yikes. Anyway, here's a few things that are currently making my heart happy...

1. Jersey Boys final show - such an electrifying atmosphere!! Hope it comes back one day soon.

2. This no bake chocolate Oreo tart - trying this!
Tarta de chocolate y oreo

3. This Mike Wozowski mug is just sooooo darn cuuuuuute!
Mike 3D Mug

4. Dreaming of a holiday. 

5. I want a library like this in my home! 


6. I want to frame and hang this! I love Madeline!!

7. I need this Mr. Darcy tote in my life!!!!
Mr Darcy tote

8. This makes me smile so much!!
More or less… 

What is making your heart happy lovely? 
Happy July!! Xx


  1. Hahahha, all this stuff is awesome sauce!!!!!!!!

    My 3 and-a-half year old nephew ia autistic, and has recently been saying "I love you, Aunt Marla." It makes my heart grow with pride and happiness every time he says it.!

    Happy July <3

  2. Oreo tart , yummmm! I can't resist chocolate .
    Flowers in my garden that I call summer delights are the best thing that make my hear happy .
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  3. I like the Mike W. coffee cup. :)

  4. I LOOOOOOVE the library! I want that in my home as well!



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