Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Harry Potter Challenge - Part One

WARNING: May contain Spoilers!
Last month I found a really cool HP Challenge on Tumblr and a friend and I decided to do it together on Twitter - yes we're both HP nerds! It was a lot of fun - you know how much I love my photo challenges!
This is part one! 

Day 01: Favourite Book of the Series...

Prisoner of Azkaban - also my fave HP movie!

Day 02: Least Favourite Book...

Chamber of Secrets - also my least fave HP movie!

Day 03: Favourite Character...
Sirius Black!

Day 04: Favourite Villain...

Day 05: Saddest Moment...

Day 06: Favourite Professor...


Day 07: Least Favourite Professor...
Umbridge. UGH what a bitch!

Day 08: Favourite Subject...


Day 09: Least Favourite Subject...

Herbology ... Mandrakes are creepy!

Day 10: Favourite Shop in Diagon Alley...

Flourish & Blotts! Book nerd!

Day 11: Most Beautiful Character...


Day 12: Most Missed Dead Character...

Sirius :((((((((

Day 13: Favourite Book Cover...

Deathly Hallows.

Day 14: Favourite Tri-Wizard Tournament Challenge...

The Maze!

Day 15: Rate the Houses...

1. Gryffindor
2. Hufflepuff
3. Slytherin
4. Ravenclaw

Are you a HP Nerd too?!
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  1. Oh no , crying by seeing this . I love EVERYTHING about HP.
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  2. Who is your favourite character? x

    1. Definitely Sirius , just because he was there as a family to Harry when no one else was . It was heart breaking when he died , oh :'(

  3. I love Harry Potter, so cool :)) My favourite character is Ron or Sirius x

  4. I'm a HP nerd. Can't say a word about Sirius, I cried a lot when he died. Gary Oldman did his best in this role. Professor mcgonagall is my favourite character!


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