Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Harry Potter Challenge - Part Two

WARNING: May contain Spoilers!
Here is part two of the HP Challenge that I did on Twitter last month! 

Day 16: Favourite Animagus...
McGonagall's cat

Day 17: Favourite Unforgivable Curse...

Day 18: Favourite Horcrux...

Day 19: Favourite Deathly Hallow...
The Invisibility Cloak.

Day 20: Funniest Moment...
Pretty much all of Ron's facial expressions are HILARIOUS!

Day 21: Most Emotional Moment...

Snape's death and memories, omggg!!

Day 22: Aspired Quidditch Position...
I'd be a Chaser because I couldn't handle anything else!!

Day 23: Favourite Patronus...

Snape's doe. ALWAYS!

Day 24: What you think your Patronus would be...

HAHA! Had to post this! But seriously, mine would be a giraffe!!

Day 25: Favourite Dursley...

Uncle Vernon! No Post on Sundays!

Day 26: Favourite Wand...

Sirius has awesome carvings on his wand  ... LOL that sounds a bit creepy!

Day 27: Favourite Magical Ability...

Legilimency - I'm a nosey creep, I'd love to get into peoples heads!

Day 28: Favourite Death Eater...


Day 30: Favourite Portrait...

The Fat Lady. I heart Dawn French!

Day 30: Favourite Spell...

Wouldn't that be awesome, to just have things appear when you want them!!?

What would your Patronus be?
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  1. My sister was over my house on Saturday, and she was yelling at me for never getting into the Harry Potter series. I tried the books like 3 or 4 times and could never get more than 50 pages in. And I don't think I've ever seen one of the movies in its entirety.


  2. Oh jy God, so much favorite stuff this time. I couldn't stop laughing when McGonagall asked him to dance! And of course, nothings etter than Harry, even in Horcrucs!

  3. My heart gave secret giggles when ever that dance moment came . Poor Weasley!
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  4. This is great, I love this movie. The last picture is hysterical, haha :)) xx

  5. i don't know if i could answer any of these questions, and i've read the books. how many times have you read them & seen the movies? ;)

  6. I still miss Snape. Every time I reread the books or watch the movies, I always get a bit emotional at that part.


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