Thursday, 1 August 2013

July photo a day challenge - Week 4

Holy Chicago, I can't believe it's August already! *Pinch & punch, first day of the month!* 
OMG Christmas is getting closer ;) eeee!
Anyway, here is the final part of my photo a day challenge - it's been so much fun and surprisingly a little tough!
I hope you've all enjoyed my take on all the different topics! Get ready for the August challenge wooohooo!

Day 25: Ground...
Mosaic tile in the entry of my home.

Day 26: The Everyday...
It's in my veins, can't escape it!

Day 27: Black & White...
Spain ,1952.  Love this photo.

Day 28: This is new...
"Boo, I'm at the Bookstore. Have you read War and Peace? It's a classic. I'm buying it for you!"
Haha, thanks Dad!!

Day 29: Perspective...
Flatiron Building, New York, 2010.
I'm not quite if this is the right take on perspective in photography, but I'm pretty sure this shows depth .... ??

Day 30: Friendship...
Haha I love ribbing her about all the boys she meets! And yes, she totally loves him!

Day 31: Workspace...
I heart novelty mugs!! I stole this Bart one from my Brother ;)

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  1. That building picture is awesome. I like Spain photo too. :)

  2. Gorgeous pictures, love the Bart mug :)) x

  3. So you're my sister , I have the same blood type *Disney positive*
    In the same tone , my dad bought me A step from heaven . Have you read it?
    And as alllllllllllllllways , love all the pictures :)
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  4. The mosaic tile in the entry of your home is gorgeous!!!! Me likey. The flatiron building is definitely one of my faves in NYC.

    PS- Eat my shorts!

  5. what a beautiful mosaic tile in your home! ha-ha about stealing your brother's mug. i think that photo shows perspective.


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