Sunday, 25 August 2013

Sunday Social

We feel you girl.

1. What do you miss most about being a kid?
ZERO RESPONSIBILITIES!!!! Messing around and acting a fool and not caring what people thought. The innocence and ignorance of life, always thinking the world was good and nothing bad ever happened! Mostly I miss my Grandparents and the awesome times we had together.
2. Di
d you have a nickname growing up? What was it?
Well ever since I can remember and still to this day my Dad has called me 'Boo' ! I don't think I had a nickname with friends, what would you shorten Cheriese to? Haha laaaaaame!
3. What was your favourite thing to do at recess?

In Primary school we had awesome gym bars at the far end of the school and we'd hang out there, it was a first in best dressed kinda thing so you had to be quick! In high school we'd chill behind the library or drama theatre, not doing anything dodgy like some of the other cooler cliques!
4. What did you want to be when you grew up?

I mentioned before that I wanted to be an Air Hostess! Or a Ballerina!
5. Did you participate in any school activities?

I was on the swim team and the athletics team! And I did choir, which I hated but only did to be with my best friend and it also got me out of class!
6. What is the funniest thing you did as a kid that your parents still remind you about?

My whole family love to laugh about things we all did as kids, but out of all my cousins I was the only good kid (can you believe it!?) and I never did anything naughty weirdly enough! Everyone still tells me that I was the "sweet and quiet kid" which I totally love! I did used to get hit in the face/body with tennis balls a lot while sitting on the sidelines watching my family play cricket, I was always in the wrong place at the wrong time! ALWAYS! But I was never a crier!! So that's what they always bring up!

Sunday Social


  1. Oh I feel your pain with being hit with the ball all the time! When I was younger it felt like I was a magnet for hard flying objects... :( haha

  2. Stopping over from Sunday Social :) I also wanted to be an air hostess - I thought it was so glamorous and you could travel the world! Now I realize how hard it is and I don't think I would have half the patience needed to deal with some of these passengers I have see while traveling!

  3. Stopping by from the hop.

    I miss believing that the world was good, too. I miss not having to worry about danger lurking around every corner waiting to devour me.


  4. I'd have to say no responsibility was great! Haha, i love the photo! I'm a new follower through Bloglovin. Your blog is super cute!

  5. I miss no responsibilities as well, haha. I wish I could sleep in all day like I did sometimes as well. Go where I wish, for as long as I wish...would be great sometimes :)) x

  6. I cannot get over that you call flight attendants "Air hostess." It sounds so civilized!

    I completely miss the innocence of childhood. Where you thought bad things didn't happen and actions didn't have ulterior motives. I can't believe when I was young, all I wanted was to be big. Now all I want is to be young again.

  7. I really miss sleeping on couch and waking up on bed. What a golden time it was! Can I become a kid again? I can hear someone's saying NO *In grumpy cat's style*

  8. No responsibility is a beautiful thing. That's what I answered as well.

    Thanks for dropping by!


  9. awww cheriese, you were so good, with a lovely disposition! i think that's what most parents wish their children to be. i would have thought they shortened your name to cherie, sherrie, or cherry, but i guess not. boo is a cute nickname. zero responsibility would be nice.


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