Tuesday, 10 September 2013


I've been crushing it this month! All very exciting, well, exciting for me! I'm usually not a get-up-and-go type of person but fun has been had, and I have a visitor from overseas so I've been especially adventurous ... 
So, previously in my life...

Bestie and I went to the Museum where they have been holding the Secrets of the Afterlife Exhibition. They have precious artefacts, which are thousands of years old, on display. Included were intricately decorated coffins, masks, magical spells on linen or papyrus and two Mummies! It was really amazing. Being so close to Mummies and their tombs was actually really mind blowing, and somewhat eerie!

Zoo dates, again! I love the zoo, I wish I could live there! The weather was a lot nicer this time around and it was a lot quieter being a weekday! The Tigers and Giraffes came so much closer than last time, the beautiful tiger rubbing right up against the glass, it was unbelievable! 

I bought my very first pair of TOMS! And I'm super in love!!! It all happened so fast really, I was just casually thinking of what new shoes I needed wanted and BAM I was on the TOMS website and I'd already purchased my first pair! I love the One-for-One concept ! My lovely new espadrilles arrived within 2 weeks and they fit like a dream, so comfy! We don't have many stockists of TOMS over here so buying them online was the easiest way (hey, I didn't even have to leave my house!) I've now decided that I need every single colour and pattern available!

I've also been eating out a lot, hey fatty! Last week I visited a funky new place in the City for breakfast, the vibe was so industrial and hip, I loved the mismatched tea cups and saucers, really cute! 
Yesterday I went to the harbour, it was such a beautiful day! We stopped at Grilld, which apparently makes the best burger in Australia - it was pretty yum! The chips were delish too! The harbour always brings back memories of my childhood with Nanny, she would take us there practically every day when we were on school holidays! 

Looking forward to the next couple of weeks, busy with concerts and Birthdays and what not, hopefully the weather stays as lovely as it has been!

What's previously in your life lovely? Xx 


  1. So marvellous, love the museum pictures :))) And tigers are so beautiful!!! I've been eating a lot too, gotta get myself working out again and eating better, haha. I hope you have a marvellous day :)) x

  2. Yikes , mummies ? It looks like an exotic exhibition!

  3. I'm not a museum person but this one looks fantastic! It reminds me of Egypt pyramids. Go girl! Eat a lot! :D

  4. cheriese, the zoo is your special place. :) i remember going to see an egyptian exhibit when i was a little girl. learning about egypt was my fave subject in humanities class. hooray for cute and comfy shoes!

  5. Hello lovely girl! I was out for the count last week b/c of my meds, so I'm catching up on my reading now. Totally digging the Toms, they are super cute, and you are able to give back at the same time. It's a win-win!

    I also am a zoo lover on quiet weekdays when school is back in session. This is my favorite time of the year to go. Love the giraffe pics!

    Enjoy this gorgeous weather <3


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