Friday, 6 September 2013

September photo a day Challenge - Week 1

Hi Guys! Six days in and September has been so full on already! I have been a busy little bee, and I'm loving it! I'll do a post about it all soon! The sun is arriving earlier and staying longer, wooo Summer is almost here! But the dreaded month of Birthdays and no money is here! And yes, I'm continuing with the Photo Challenge this month!!  

Day 01: Together...

Day 02: My name begins with...
Obviously! Disneyland California, 2010

Day 03: Lines...
I'm definitely coming back as a Ballerina in my next life!

Day 04: Alone...
Love this!

Day 05: Here forever...
Zoo dates! Wish I could live here forever!!

Day 06: Getting Ready...
This is where all the action happens!

Hope you are all well, fill me in on your goss!
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  1. Wait, your summer is starting now??? That's so weird to me. I'm diggin the ballerina and all the Clinique!!!

    What is goss??

  2. Lol , your make up carrier . Believe me , it makes me feel like you're my soul sister . I never get make up arranged .
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  3. I'd love to move to Paris, it would be wonderful :))) I hope you have a great weekend xx


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