Friday, 13 September 2013

September photo a day Challenge - Week 2

Happy Friday the 13th, ooooooooooh!!!! Here is week two of the photo a day challenge!
I hope September is treating you well :)  

Day 07: White...
I love wearing white!

Day 08: Made by me...
Chocolate mousse cups, my favourite!

Day 09: On the Wall...
I bought this postcard on the streets of Paris for 2 Euros!

Day 10: Sweet...
This makes my heart melt!!

Day 11: What you did today...
Bookstore hangs, making a list of books I can order online for half the price!

Day 12: Shadow...
Separate make up bag for all my eye shadows - it's a girl thing!

Day 13: Unexpected...
BEST PRANK EVER!! #theoffice

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  1. Those chocolate mousse cups looks amazing, yum!! I hope you have a great Friday & weekend doll x

  2. 'ello love! I've been out of commission due to my new medicine making me feel craptastic. So behind on reading your blog. I will catch up one of these days!

    That kitty picture melts my heart. And I have been watching 'The Office' non-stop since Monday. Laying in bed has made me really productive ;-)

    Must find recipe for chocolate mousse cup

  3. I want your pillows , all of them ;)

  4. it took me a minute to get that joke. duh me. cheriese those chocolate cups look delicious! i do the same thing when i go to bookstores. cute outfit. i don't like to wear white because i always seem to make a mess.


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