Sunday, 22 September 2013

Sunday Social

I'm in love with this weeks Sunday Social, it's all about handbags!! Can you feel my excited energy?!!

You guysssss, I'm obsessed with purses and handbags! I have two massive boxes full of bags under my bed plus some hanging on hooks behind my door and on my curtain rail! I also collect novelty canvas tote bags and I heart large overnight bags, my favourite is my Ralph Lauren one that came free with some cologne that I bought my Dad, winning! It's green with brown leather handles, it makes me feel so preppy! 

1. What is your favourite handbag you've ever owned?
I love my mini Louis Vuitton! Yes, its real!!! It pretty much lives in its box because I'm so afraid to use it, plus it's more of a night purse! I'm also so in love with my Ted Baker shopper, it is the perfect size to fit all my junk!
2. What is your dream handbag you lust over?

I would love a large Louis tote, that's been my dream since I was young haha! I love the Celine and Givenchy totes too, but I think it's ridiculous to spend so much money on just a bag!
3. What are the daily essentials in your purse or work bag?

Everything below are essentials!
4. What's in your purse (with pictures)?

  1. Guess wallet.
  2. Gum & packet of Kleenex.
  3. Aspirin. Always needed!
  4. My current read, Is it Just Me? - Miranda Hart.
  5. My favourite heart shaped coin purse from Harrods! LOVE!
  6. iPod nano, purple of course! Yeah, I'm oldschool!
  7. Winnie tin filled with hair pins/ties and combs. SO CUTE!
  8. Clinique two in one lipgloss and Happy roll on perfume & Swarovski crystal lipstick case currently housing Revlon #131 Ginger Rose.
  9. Keys! Tennis ball key-chain from The Australian Open & all others from Harrods.
  10. Mini Romance by Ralph Lauren, Clarins mini hand lotion & foldable fan, always needed in the summer!
  11. Notebook and pens from Kikki K.
  12. Lola solid perfume.
  13. Dettol hand sanitiser. 
  14. Cadbury dairymilk, I always carry sweets and chocolate with me!
  15. Laura Ashley make up bag, filled with powder, blush, mascara, nail file and other such important things!

What is your dream handbag?
What daily essentials are in your handbag?

Sunday Social


  1. My dream bag is a Hermes Birkin one , ahaha Hollywood dream .
    Love your iPod's colour .

  2. I also have the purple Nano. I just can't seem to shake the love of iPods.

  3. I'd do anything for a Hermes Birkin bag!!!! Oh girl, I spotted Winnie & Pooh! ;D

  4. My husband is a big fan of Miranda Hart. I'll have to surprise him with her book.

  5. That's a really cute notebook (11). I am getting to see so much stuff. It's a shame that your Louis lives in the box. You should at least let it come out for air every now and again.


  6. You have one well stocked purse. I need to get some lotion, sanitizer, and a make up bag for my purse. Thanks for stopping by the Drastic Fanstastic

  7. Super. I do love seeing what's in someone's bag posts, haha. Not sure why. You have a lot in there like me. Love the notebook pattern :) xx

  8. Damn, I need to start doing the Sunday Socials again. This one was a fun one! I L-O-V-E purses, I too, have an extensive collection. Mostly Coach (23!), 2 or 3 Dooney & Bourkes, and a Michael Kors. I would love a leather Loius tote, it's such a classic bag that never goes out of style. Gorgeous. Love your iPod nano! I have a red iPod nano, that judging by your picture, looks like an older version of yours! I love #11, that cute little notebook!

    This post made my Monday morning! <3

  9. Where did you find that Winnie the Pooh tin?! My sister is a BIG Winnie fan and I see a Christmas gift in the making, it's adorable! :)

  10. i imagine your purse is so organized! you have everything you could possibly need, in cute, and fun little containers. i want to see all your handbags hiding under your bed. i don't know what my dream handbag is or which one was/has been my fave.


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