Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Things that remind me of you...

Last month was my Nanny's Birthday, she would have been eighty. This November will be eleven years since she passed away, I can't believe it has been that long.  As I mentioned in this post she was always so well dressed and made up, never having a hair out of place, with shoes always matching her outfit and her eyebrows always perfectly drawn on, which always marvelled me. She taught me how to peel a mandarin with her long perfect fingernails. She always wore silk pyjamas to bed and when she was at home she lived in this bright orange kaftan with yellow swirls, I'll never forget that kaftan! I still think of her, a lot, especially when I see or hear certain things.
These things remind me of my Nanny...

The seaside.
French manicures.
Leopard print scarves.
Potato fry.
The smell of nail polish remover.
The Young & the Restless.
Hot hair rollers.
Silk pyjamas.
Strawberries & cream.
Porcelain dolls.
Satin Kaftans.
Banana fritters.



  1. This is so precious. Your Nana is always in your heart!! Mine passed away a couple years ago, I miss her dearly. She was awesome. But, now they watch over us ;) xx

  2. I have a list of things that remind me of my grandma too. I wish I had some of her things that were commonly used and now remind me of when she was here. :)

  3. You Nanny sounds just like my Mom-Mom. I'm thinking they are great friends in Heaven, getting their hair and nails done and chatting away. Hugs to you, friend!

  4. So lovely to read about her . She sounded like a perfect & high moral lady x

  5. This is so sweet. Sometimes there are just people who have an immense influence on uns :)

    xx Jenni

  6. oh such joy and love. what a nice list. now i miss my grandmas. their lipstick, perfume, hairspray...


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