Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Weekend Update!

Woah, the weather has been shocking! So stormy and rainy, I was nearly blown away, no joke! The past three days I've woken up with a swollen right eye, I feel and look like I've been punched, these damn spring allergies!
Also, I had a shocker of a Saturday, tried and struggled to find an anniversary present for a couple who either have everything or hate everything! I spent four hours circling the department store, with no luck. I despise Saturday shopping (and shoppers) and left very grumpy! But alas, my weekend did pick up a little...

In The Mood was really cute, I knew a couple songs but the rest were new to me, I enjoyed it! The String of Pearls band were superb, all 60+ year old men, I was well impressed! I love swing music and the dancers were amazing, I'm always in awe when I watch swing dancing, I wish I had the energy to dance like that! It was a cute night out with Mum and she loved it! And no one was sitting in front of us so I could actually see, for once!

Breakfast dates at the Botanic Garden, oh it was a shocker of a day weather wise, very windy and so much rain, and the tulips are starting to die which was a shame, but the walk in the fresh icy air around the garden was lovely, and the hike to the top was a great way to work off my morning pancakes, which tasted as amazing as they look! 

Michael Jackson Cirque was sooooo good! AWESOME music and great dancers! I wish it had more circus acrobatic type stuff but all in all it was fun! I think if it wasn't for the MJ songs I would've been disappointed, but the music rocked, so I left on a high! There was one guy who only had one leg dancing with crutches, wow, he was amazing! And I got pretty emotional, nearly started bawling when Billie Jean played!!

What did you get up to?
Have a marvellous week!



  1. cheriese, you had a very busy weekend! the time with your mum sounds grand. the tulips are lovely. sorry the weather tried to kill them. i want your fruit pancake. i hope your allergies get better.

  2. What a fun weekend!! Those pancakes look ridiculous! I'm still so jealous you got to see all that awesome swing dancing and the MJ Cirque de Soleil!

    One Direction.... :-P I still love ya!


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