Wednesday, 2 October 2013

And we danced all night to the best song ever!

Oh guys, it's a One Direction post, try not to jump out of excitement!!
As I type this Best Song Ever is blaring from my speakers, I'm not even sorry. The high still hasn't worn off, I feel like it will last the whole of October. It feels so surreal, I can't believe I actually saw them live!! 
I CAN'T BELIEVE WE WERE IN THE SAME ROOM! - Just an inside joke between me and bestie, we're not that crazy!

Before the concert I wasn't a die hard fan, you know the screaming crying girl who knows every single One D fact, collects anything and everything with their faces on, stalks them on Twitter and listens to them 24/7? Yeah, I'm not THAT girl. I liked them, I thought they were cute, they could kind of sing and their songs were catchy. So sue me. The main reason I wanted to go was because my cousin (who is also bestie) is a die hard fan. She's 16 so it makes it OK - I was just her "chaperone" - what an awesome excuse that turned out to be!!

We bought these tickets over a year ago - remember this post where I bragged about getting them? YEAH. I was excited. The wait was a drag and I kind of wasn't even pumped for it. Then the ritual of planning my outfit and trying on clothes happened, that always gets me itching. The whole week leading up to the concert I listened to nothing but One Direction. NOTHING. 

The big day finallllly arrived. Bestie and I spent the whole day together. I did her hair. We compared outfits. We decided that we wanted to be more sophisticated and classy rather than a couple of teeny-boppers in mini skirts. I think we pulled it off! Let me tell you, for a 16 year old, my cousin really is mature, I'm dead proud of the fact that she was one of the very few girls who wasn't scantily dressed!

The second the lights went down and the room erupted Bestie and I instantly gasped and stared at each other and were on our feet in a flash screaming along with the rest of them! I shut up straight away because I like to actually listen to them sing. I don't get why girls scream THE ENTIRE TIME!?! That's my only grievance! 

We had super close seats and halfway through the show the boys hopped onto a mini platform suspended from the ceiling and were whisked overhead to another stage in the middle of the crowd, right beside us!!!!!! It was incredible!! My favourite song was Live While We're Young - the crowd was pumping!! They finished with What Makes You Beautiful (of course!) which was AWESOME!!! We really did dance all night, I felt like such a teeny-bopper!!

A few highlights:
Zayn totally waved at us!!
Niall playing guitar in a couple of songs!
The cute videos played during the outfit changes!
Super cool backdrops, especially the London Skyline!!
Their awesome rendition of Teenage Dirtbag!
All of their speeches, ahhh swoon!
Confetti, streamers and HUGE balloons falling from the heavens!

Even if I'm not a die hard fan, or when we laugh about this when the boys are old and washed up, I'll never forget this awesome experience!! 

I did not expect this post to be so long! If you made it this far HIGH FIVE!!! Sorry if it was torture!!!
Sorry the pics are not that fab, I was too excited to get any good shots!


  1. This was really pleased you got to go and had such a great time, bless!! I have a little soft spot for them myself - but shhhh...don't tell my husband, he detests them, haha!! Have a great day doll xx

  2. I can't stop smiling! I felt the exact same way when I went to the New Kids On The Block/Boyz II Men/98 Degrees concert in June. Something about cute boys singing songs that revert you back to your teenage years! I'm so happy you and the bestie had a brilliant (!) time!!!
    I actually really like the song Teenage Dirtbag! I'm impressed they covered it!

  3. OMGies I am excited to read all of it . ALL!!!!!!! I still feel I am not a die hard fan but they're cute and their songs are catchy . I would never stalk them on Twitter but being in a concert is surely an exciting thing . WOOPS!

    I miss them so badly, I can't wait for next year, it was my first concert and it was so perfect and the whole weekend was perfect and omg i wanna go back!!!!!!

  5. Many years ago my oldest son (25 now) loved Britney Spears and I took him to see a concert. It was actually really good! :)

    My daughter would faint if she saw a One Direction concert. I'm glad you had a great time.

  6. Oh Mi Lord!!! Zayn waved at ya girls? I might fall down if I was there! Oh girl, you said not to jump but I did! #sorrynotsorry I did stalk them today on Twitter & Google too! I can't wait to see how Niall's going to look like as an old man, I guess like he does in Best Song Ever's video!! :D


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