Wednesday, 16 October 2013

October photo a day Challenge - Week 2

Hi guys! It's been a roller coaster of a week. Some gloomy days and some happy sunshine days, I'm still a little sick ugh but the lovely weather is making up for that! I had a cute and busy and grumpy weekend - styling for a photoshoot, pizza and beer dates, running errands in the city, sewing curtains, being jerked around by indecisive inconsiderate people, dinner shuffles and then cancellations, napping, catching up on Mindy Project all topped off by Cousins Dinner and Monopoly Night - I came second by the way, which is very rare, I'm usually bankrupt first!

Anyway here is this weeks October Challenge - it's actually been quite tough!

Day 09: Pink...
Origami Dress! Probably the only pink thing I have!

Day 10: Hands...
Mickey oven glove, love this!

Day 11: M is for...

Day 12: Below...
Struggled with this one, had to pick this Paris photo!

Day 13: Watching...

Day 14: Favourite space...
Those windows, swoon!

Day 15: Secret...
Hahaha this is one of my fave eps of FRIENDS!

Day 16: Leafy...
So green and pretty!

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  1. That's a good picture of Paris and I love the Mickey oven mitt too! I'm pinning the mitt. :)

  2. Swoooon......the windows . I can build my dream house with them #Sigh

  3. sorry you're still sick, you super busy lady. cute origami pink dress. that mickey oven glove is clever. your black and white disney outfit is adorable! the novel by lauren graham was a very light hearted easy read pleasant book.


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