Thursday, 24 October 2013

October photo a day Challenge - Week 3

Hey guys! It has been a very quiet week! Yesterday was my Grans 80th Birthday and we took her out to dinner at a beautiful restaurant on the foreshore! We'll be having a bigger party on the weekend for her :)
No other news to report! 
Here is this weeks photo challenge - most liked pic of the week was the Then + Now - it scares me so how much my Bro and I look like our parents, very spooky!  

Day 17: First World problem...

Day 18: Still...
Be still my heart, Harvey Specter!

Day 19: A good day...

Day 20: Open...
US Open, NY 2010.

Day 21: Then + Now...
Basically a young version of them... So creepy to actually see how much we look like Mum & Dad!

Day 22: Change...
And a couple of Leisure Island tokens! 

Day 23: Your mood today...
Excited for dinner to celebrate Grans 80th Birthday!

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  1. happy 80th to your gran! you guys do look like your parents. they are good looking people. i adore the family love pic. also your fancy outfit is very pretty cheriese. :)

  2. These are lovely doll. Gorgeous picture of the parents, you really do look like them :))) And I love watching Suits, such a great show :)) Harvey is super cool xx

  3. Oh god , you two look like a CC of your parents !!!!

  4. Happy 80th Birthday to her :) And yeah you both look like your parents, just like a photocopy!


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