Friday, 18 October 2013

Sh*t I Say - 52 Lists

I haven't done a list in agesssss and when this one came up I knew it would be a fun one! 

Words I use often
Looking at this list, I may or may not be what the kids refer to as a Valley Girl - gosh I totally hope not!!! 

I've also made a list of phrases I use A LOT! I'm pretty redundant and repetitive when it comes to reacting to things - like when my Brother does something stupid or funny or annoying or mean he can instantly tell what I'm about to say and he always always always mocks me right before I say it. Sometimes I think we have ESP! 
Now, this could get pretty embarrassing (for me) but I thought it'd be funny to share them with you.

Here are the top 10 Cheriese-isms !

1. Der Freddie (sometimes Der Fred)
As in "Well duh, even blind Freddie could see that!"
I honestly thought I was the one who made this up many a moon ago, one day I even heard someone on TV say it and I thought it had caught on from me haha!! Well, apparently it's already thing!

Also the same meaning as Der Freddie - I got this up from Community !

3. Dammit Jim!
Picked this up from The Office. Used whenever damning needs to be expressed. I never just say Damn, always Dammit Jim!  

4. OMG
Ok, I don't actually say "OH EM GEE" but I say "Oh My God" an awful lot!  

5. Rude!
When someone says something rude but in a funny joker way I just respond with RUDE! A la Miranda Hart! 

6. You're so silly!
Yeah, I'm a buzzkill, that is actually my nickname haha. I can't take a joke!

7. Say Please!
My Bro has the worst manners! As in, he has zero manners! I can't stand it, every time he asks me to do something for him I always find myself shouting "SAY PLEASE!!" 

8. Calm Your Farm
This is a random saying I caught off my 16 year old cousin, just another way of saying calm down!

9. Look Mate or Listen Buddy
Basically just a funny way to act when you're pretending to be pissed off at someone!  

10. That Kills Me
When I find something realllllllly funny, thank you Holden Caulfield!

What words do you use often?


  1. These were great!! I have no idea what things I say all the time, I'm sure there is loads, haha! Have a great weekend xx

  2. LOL, this list is cracking me up! DAMMIT JIM!!! Hahahahah.

    I would list my words, but they are mostly bad ones....

    I've been trying to pick up the phrase "Well done, you." I got it from Love Actually, and I've always like the way it sounded

  3. OH EM GEE is the shit I love to use on daily bases, yes not Oh my God but O M G! :P

  4. RUDE ! it's my best word partner . Whenever I am pissed off and somebody tries to tell me something (good or bad , goes the same)
    Noor's Place

  5. "calm your farm" is new to me. i say all those words on your written list. i did sound like a valley girl back in the day, and yes i lived in california (where the valley girl was originated). i remember when i said like "gag me with a chainsaw". and my dad teased me & said, "like gag me with jimmy cagney. "

  6. Haha this was a HILARIOUS list! I say "oh my gosh" WAY too much!



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