Wednesday, 6 November 2013

November photo a day Challenge - Week 1

Oh November, how stunning you are! I literally have zero news, ugh what a life! The weather has been so weird, hot and sunny one minute and crazy storms the next, what's up springtime? My weekend was nothing but a Disney movie-fest, hooray! I did venture out to start some Christmas shopping but I ended up buying myself a Mickey Mouse pyjama shirt from Target, and nothing else! Will try again this weekend hey?

Are you an early Christmas shopper like me?
Anyway, here is week 1 of the November challenge!

Day 01: Fruit...
My fruit bowl is empty so my apple patterned dress will have to do!

Day 02: Did this today...
Lazed around and watched Disney movies all day!!!

Day 03: P is for...
Peter Pan!!

Day 04: Table...

Beside my bed!

Day 05: I Collect...
Novelty mugs! This Mike Wazowski one is my favourite!!!!

Day 06: Music...
Tis the Season! Shhh it's November, this is perfectly acceptable!

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  1. Love your fruit dress, that is marvellous. Love stuff like that. Super mug :) Peter Pan is a favourite...and I listen to Christmas songs all year long, so starting in November is normal ;-) xx

  2. You and your Disney!!!! Crack me up! I haven't watched a good Disney movie in awhile. Maybe I'll do that this weekend! My sister and I saw that Mike Wazowski mug in the Disney Store the other day! LOVE it cause it holds SOOOOO much coffee!
    That apple patterned dress.... where did you get that? Some brilliant store in England that they don't have across the pond?

  3. Cheriese, i remember how much you like christmas! your apple patterned dress made me smile, and your disney movie fest sounds like your idea of heaven. i don't like christmas shopping. i know, what's wrong with me?

  4. Oh your dress is so festive . Or you've become a true Apple lover . I literally can't decide ;) You always ahve the cutest mugs , haha !


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