Friday, 15 November 2013

November photo a day Challenge - Week 2

Another quiet boring week has rolled on by, and it's only six more weeks until Christmas ahhhhh! I finished all the Xmas cards and have started present shopping already, I love this time of year!
Anyway, here is week two of the November challenge, most liked pic this week is Part of Me - way too cute!  

Day 07: Yes!...

Christmas cards are all done wooohooo!

Day 08: Someone I miss...

Day 09: Mine...

Day 10: Book...


Day 11: Memories...
I made this awesome photo book of our Disneyland trip!

Day 12: Clouds...

Wispy! Blue skies are here to stay, yay!

Day 13: Part of me...


Day 14: Eating...

Shepherd's Pie and a shitload of ketchup! My favourite!

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  1. Sam is too sweet :)) Love that face!!! And I love ketchup too, lots and lots!!! Happy Friday doll xx

  2. That ring is stunning!!!! It looks like an antique, but still very modern style. If that makes sense. That gorgeous puppy Sam... he must have been special! That sweet little face, no wonder you miss him. Our Christmas/Holiday cards are ordered, but I have yet to fill them out. My least favorite thing to do!
    Happy Friday! <3

  3. Oh this photo book looks magical from it's cover! I love EVERYTHING Disney!

  4. How bad I want to have this ring? (inside : GIMMEGIMMEGIMME)

  5. Such a great idea with the photo challenge!!! I'm so excited that you started Christmas shopping, and OMG, you're done with cards - incredible!!! Would LOVE to follow along and see which gifts you end up buying, because I will only start after Black Friday in 2 weeks;-))

  6. your christmas cards are sooo cute! oh sam was adorable. i'd miss him too.


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