Tuesday, 7 January 2014

December photo a day Challenge - Week 4

All is quiet over here my loves. I've had my nose buried in The Book Thief  for the past two days, just taking a quick break from it to post this - the final part of the December photo challenge - here we go.... 
P.S It's such a lovely book, have you read it?

Day 25: Best bit of my day...

Is it shitty to say the presents?? Haha!
Probably spending the day with my amazing family!
And the food. Definitely the food!

Day 26: Where I slept...

My favourite place!!

Day 27: What I'm doing now...

Putting away all my presents, or trying to find room for them!

Day 28: Something awesome...

It's a MUG!! Awesome gift from my cousin and his girlfriend!

Day 29: Reflect: Best bit of 2013...

So many memories made with my bestie!

Day 30: You...


Day 31: Celebrate...

Pink champagne makes me twirly ;)

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  1. Lovely pictures! You look beautiful in that first photo. I am SOOOO jealous of all that hair!! HAHAHA. And your lens coffee mug... and your bedspread! Gorgeous!

    Happy Tuesday! Is that a copy of The Princess Bride?!?! Love!

  2. Love the mug, so cool :)) Very pretty bed too, love the look :)) Hope you have a great day doll x

  3. My son wanted a lens for his camera for Christmas. At $1200 it wasn't likely he was getting it because I do my gifts up equally, and have four kids, lol. I briefly considered getting him that mug, but I thought it might not be funny to him. If he had the lens under the tree and opened the mug first, that would be funny. But all mug, no lens? Maybe not so funny. ;) It is a cool mug though. :)


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