Thursday, 13 February 2014

Feb photo Challenge - Week 2

Happy Thursday ya'll, just catching up on my photo challenge, hope your week has been fab xx

Day 05: Square...
Times Square!

Day 06: C is for...


Day 07: Utensil...
My Mickey tongs are the cutest!

Day 08: Water...

Day 09: Detail...
Hand painted bowl I stole from Mum!

Day 10: I Am...

Day 11: Mistake...
Made the mistake of cleaning up and I knocked my favourite snow globe off my shelf where it landed on the corner of my blanket box and smashed, spraying water and snow everywhere :(

Day 12: Out & About...
Ted Baker, Whoopie Pies & Birthday Presents!

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  1. LOL, fabulous pics! I ADORE the Cheriese/Tinkerbell painting, did someone hand make that for you? Beautiful! That really stinks about the snowglobe, I did that with a Tinkerbell snow globe, I was so upset. Maybe we can find you a Philadelphia snow globe for your collection!

  2. I love Tinker Bell's appearance there! She's my favorite little pixie :D

    Those Mickey tongs are super cute, too. I plan on having an all-out Mickey kitchen one day....I'll need to invest in some Mickey tongs!

  3. Those Mickey tongs really are cute. :)

  4. Love the tongs, they are so cute :) And these whoopie pies look amazing. I hope you have a great weekend xx

  5. That painting of your name is AWESOME! Who drew it?


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