Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Photo Challenge

HAPPY FEBRUARY lovelies!! Hope it treats you well!

I saw The Book Thief yesterday, wow what a beautiful and very emotional film, I loved the book and knew I'd love the movie! The cast were beautiful, Rudy was so gorgeous and so was Max - ahhh I'm in love! Have you seen it yet? If you haven't I totally suggest that you do, and take a whole box of tissues with you, you'll absolutely need it!

 Here is the last part of the Jan photo challenge and the first few days of February too! 

Day 28: Dinner...

Fried chicken and mash!!

Day 29: Window...

Favourite! (Beauty and the Beast)

Day 30: Best invention ever...
Music! And chocolate, and books, and the internet!

Day 31: Polka dots...

Yes, I make my own wrapping paper!

FEB - Day 01: You...

Love this

Day 02: Favourite...

Movie! Tell me about it, stud.

Day 03: Something Orange...

I heart Disney pens!

Day 04: Childhood...

I still have all my Barbies!

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  1. Oooh...I need to see this movie, I read the book and loved it!! Yes yes. Ahhh...I wish I still had all my barbies, I had bin bags full of them, I had so many. I was crazy. But, I also had boy toys as well. Have a great Tuesday doll xx

  2. LOL LOL LOL LOL You still have all your Barbies?!?!? That is hysterical! When I'm in Target, if I'm buying toys as a gift, I'll look at the Barbies and think that ours were SOOO much cooler!


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