Sunday, 16 February 2014

Sunday Social

Happy Sunday! I hope you all had a wonderful and loved up Valentines day - I had a quiet one, I don't really get the whole Valentines thing, but I guess that's because I'm a cynical old woman inside! What did you get up to?

Roll on Sunday Social...
Sunday Social

1. What are your favourite things to do on a lazy day?
Read usually, or catch up on shows or watch marathons of my favourites like The Office and Mindy Project!
2. What is your tv guilty pleasure?
Shows that I hate to admit that I watch are Kardashians, Big Brother and The Bold & the Beautiful haha all definitely guilty pleasures!
3. What is your favourite road trip music?
Any kind of boyband pop music is THE BEST! And there's nothing better than a blaring Michael Jackson greatest hits album!!
4. What are your favourite magazines or books to read by the pool or laying around?
I love flipping through new IKEA catalogues! Or trashy gossip mags, ugh I know!
5. What is your favourite snack?
Ooooh I have loads! CAKE! M&Ms, Salt & Vinegar crisps, Chocolate, Cashews, Cookies, French fries!

Now I'm craving a road trip, just so I can listen and sing and dance along to cheesy boyband pop songs for hours!!

What is your tv guilty pleasure? Xx


  1. Happy Sunday!
    These are great answers

  2. LOVE MICHAEL JACKSON! He makes anything better!!!

    Happy Sunday!

  3. Now I'm craving cake! Maan! Haha. I admitted to liking the Powerpuff girls this morning on my blog. .. Maybe I shouldn't have. I'm stopping by from the Sunday Social. I hope your having a great morning.

  4. Your snacks may not be good for you but they sure do sound yummy :)

  5. Kardashians is definitely a guilty pleasure for me too. I just love knowing what drama is happening with this family! Salt and Vinegar chips! YUM

  6. I am SO with you on the boyband idea. Perfect to sing along to and occasionally forget the windows are open!

    Saira @

  7. Your snacks sound delicious and are making me want all of them--especially salt & vinegar crisps--yumm!

    Katherine Nicole

  8. Loved your answers!


  9. I was never much of a Kardashians fan but came across it last night and now I have watched 10 episodes. I am hooked watching how insane they are! ;)

    Found you from the social sunday. Look forward to start doing it next week with y'all!

  10. Big Brother is my absolute fave!!! Can't wait for the summer and for it to come back on! Stopping by from the Social!

    Sweet Southern Sparkle

  11. Man, I read the word cake and my tummy growled! Happy Sunday!

  12. OMG-I'm obsessed with The Mindy Project AND the Kardashians! I'm watching the engagement episode right now on E!

  13. The Kardashians?!?! Oh cheriese, I forgive you! Every time I read your blog, I fall more in love with some of the British way to say things. Salt & vinegar crisps sound much better than chips! Chips are fries to you, right?
    You don't have to go on a road trip to blast boy and music! Crank that shit up even if you just rake a quick drive around the block!

  14. Super answers doll, I hope you have a gorgeous week xx


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