Sunday, 9 February 2014

Sunday Social

Happy Sunday!! I've had a cute little weekend helping out my cousin get organised for her year 12 ball! It's been fun, and I love that she asked me for help! She finally picked a dress, she's actually gone for a replica of this Mila Kunis lavender Elie Saab dress, I'm so jealous, I've been dreaming of wearing this dress ever since I saw gorgeous Mila wear it at the 2011 Oscars. Ahh! We've picked out her jewellery, shoes, headpiece and even decided how she'll wear her hair and make up, I'm so excited for her!

Anyway, I'm in a hyper mood now and I've especially loved this weeks Social! It's all about TV & Movies, yay!

1. What is your favourite thing to watch on a girls night?
I always make my girlfriends watch Disney movies haha!! I also love putting on musicals like Mamma Mia and Hairspray, stuff we can sing along to! Or romantic comedies starring Hugh Grant are my fave!
2. What is your favourite thing to watch on your day off?
I like to catch up with my DVR - Girls and Keeping up with the Kardashians (yes, you may judge me!) are top of my list. And I like to watch new movies that premiere on my sky box!
3. What is your favourite thing to watch when you're sick?
Anything Disney!! The Princess Bride, Bridget Jones Diary, Sleepless in Seattle and I also love watching Golden Girls and The Simpsons re-runs!
4. What is the last movie you saw in the theatre?
The Book Thief, so beautiful!
5. What are your top three favourite movies or tv shows?
Movies: Grease, The Breakfast Club & Love Actually.
Disney Movies (yeah that's a whole other category!): Toy Story, Beauty and the Beast & Aladdin.
TV Shows: The Office, Doctor Who & Friends.

What is your favourite thing to watch on a Girls Night?
What are your top three fave movies and TV shows?


  1. I am definitely obsessed with all things Disney movies! And you are totally right, Disney movies deserve a category all their own. Although it's hard to pick just 3 disney favorites, I'd have to say mine are Tangled, Beauty and the Beast, and Frozen & Peter Pan are tied for third!

    I'm a new follower. Can't wait to read more!
    Tasia @ Many the Miles

  2. Disney is amazing! I love it! :D

  3. I always prefer to watch Bridesmaid on a girls night. It's funny and girl-ish. I died laughing when i first saw the movie.
    I'm JUDGING you for Kardashians , just kidding I really like their drama though ;)

  4. I make my (teen) daughter watch the 'girly' Disney movies that my 6-yr. old doesn't want to see,hahaha There's a new one coming out about Disney fairies being pirates...I'm trying to think of ways to bribe my daughter to see that one. :)

  5. I love that you love Disney movies so much....I used to, until I became a mum and have had to watch each of them about a million times over, now I'll watch anything BUT a Disney movie!

  6. I love musicals!!! In fact, I was watching RENT last night. I think one of my all-time favorites would be Bye, Bye Birdie!

  7. Disney Movies really do deserve their own category. The we could argue that Disney Pixar could be a sub category from classic Disney. I think I may be getting ahead of myself.

    Great to find you from Sunday Social. Have a great week!

  8. Haha, I love your ecard! I love Disney movies just as much! Stopping by from the Social!
    I'm doing a Valentine's Day giveaway for Silver Rhinestone Bow Earrings on my blog, check it out if you can! :)

    Sweet Southern Sparkle

  9. I can't wait until the Book Thief comes out on DVD! I LOVED the book and want to see the movie so much!!

  10. I love Disney & I want to see The Book Thief :))) Have a gorgeous week doll xx

  11. You crak me up! Is year 12 ball like wht we call our senior prom here? I would love to see pics of her dress! My senior prom dress was the same colour, lavender! I loved it!

    When I have a girls night, we watch chick flicks. Last week we watched "He's Just Not That Into You"


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