Saturday, 1 March 2014

Feb photo Challenge - Week 4

Happy MARCH! As I'm in Aus at the mo it is also the first day of AUTUMN!! We've still got a little while yet till the leaves turn brown and gorgeous and the coolness sets in, probably not till May really, ugh I hate the heat! But Autumn is still my favourite season! Anyway I hope this brand spankin new month is good to you my loves xxx

Day 21: Funny...
Saw this at the library, now at the top of my wish list!

Day 22: Act of Kindness...
This is lovely!

Day 23: Where I relax...

Day 24: Half...
Half empty or half full?

Day 25: Cut...

Day 26: Light...
Have had this lamp for years!

Day 27: My View...
Parks & Rec!

Day 28: Reflection...
Sorry about my dirty Clinique mirror!

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  1. I love the snowflakes. And the paper slip is sweet. :)

  2. Fantastic photos, I love them.

  3. I love your FOOTBALL lamp!! :-) A friend of mine tried to tell me that it's not summer in the UK, and that it is just as cold there as it is here. I was like "no, you're wrong, my blog friend Cheriese is always posting that it's summer and hot," They looked at me like I was crazy....

  4. Lovely pictures doll, love the first one, that made me laugh!! I hope the new season is a marvellous one for you xx


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