Monday, 10 March 2014

March Photo Challenge - Week 1

I don't really have a fun or cute note for today's post, to be honest it's been a crappy couple of days and I can only hope things look up quickly.

Hoping your weekend was far better than mine xxx

Day 01: Yellow...

LOVE my new Minion mug that my cousin bought me from Singapore!!

Day 02: Something Borrowed...

I'm addicted to art!!

Day 03: My name is...


Day 04: On my mind...

Holiday planning!

Day 05: Begins with i...

Dreaming of Italy!!

Day 06: Chair...

I heart the chairs in Ben Sherman!

Day 07: Fly...

Mini Air France!

Day 08: In the Corner...

My Chelsea FC rubber duckie lives in the corner of my bathtub!

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  1. Oh my goooodness... that Minion mug!!!

  2. These are the Minion cup :))) I hope the week is a better one for you doll xx

  3. Oh lovely girl, why the crappies? Hope you're feeling better on this Friday Eve. Although, I think it's almost Friday where you are! :-P


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