Monday, 31 March 2014

March Photo Challenge - Week 4

Happy Monday lovelies! It's been a cold and rainy few days so my weekend was spent mostly cuddled in bed - I had a marathon of The Mindy Project in the lead up to its return this week (CAN'T WAIT!) I also watched Pocahontas - I always cry at the end when John Smith leaves and you know I always belt out 'Colours of the Wind' with my arms stretched out wide imagining my long locks flowing in the breeze!!! Please tell me you do that too?!
I also ate a lot (what else is new?) and listened to some of my favourite radio podcasts - it was awesome, I can't wait to do it all again next weekend! What did you get up to?

Well March completely went like *that* - can you believe that April is tomorrow !?! Wahhhh, me neither!
Here is the final part of the March challenge! Wishing you a happy new month xxx

Day 25: Soft...

Belle plush! Loooove x

Day 26: I am Here...

Watering the plants!

Day 27: Something I made...

Started to make Easter gift tags :)

Day 28: Nostalgia...

My favourite book when I was little!

Day 29: Sticky...

All the kiddie stickers I've never used!

Day 30: Fast...

Love this!

Day 31: Faux...

I do have a real one though!

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  1. Love The Little Prince, such a sweet book :)) I haven't seen Pocahontas in ages. But, I do watch other Disney films and have to sing all the songs :) Happy Monday doll xx

  2. I can 100% imagine you singing Colors of the Wind, twilrling around with that gorgeous head of hair of yours!!! I would LOVE a real Louis!!!

  3. I like the cute bunny.
    My son brought me a faux Chanel purse from a yard sale when we lived in West Palm. He was about 12 at the time, and I saved it because he was being sweet. I never told him it wasn't real. ;)

  4. Fantastic photos, asa lways!
    Happy April


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