Thursday, 17 April 2014

April Photo Challenge - Week 2

I'm losing track of the days! I can't believe it's Easter this Sunday - what are you up to? Do you celebrate it?
I hope you have a fab one whatever you do, I wish loads of sugary goodness upon you and yours, always!


Day 09: Dark...

Feeling the dark nails this week! Colour: German-icure by OPI

Day 10: Fave part of the day...

Hangs with this babe :)

Day 11: Three of a Kind...


Day 12: On my left...

Sorting out Easter treats and making gift tags!

Day 13: More please...

Can't get enough of these Peanut M&Ms!

Day 14: Dirty...

Need to wash these laces!

Day 15: I'm reading this...

I just finished this actually! Really enjoyed it!

Day 16: My Vice...

I'm addicted to a fair few things: Tea, Books, Shoes - but most of all SUGAR!!!!!

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  1. Love that nail polish colour, am going to have to check out OPI and see if they have this shade here. Very pretty. Your cat is so cute. I like those M&M's as well. Easter has come quite fast, but it's ok as it will bring us closer to the better weather here, so I'm not mad about that ;) Never read this book before, will have a look for it. Your shoes are awesome, I love those!! I hope you have a gorgeous Easter doll!! Xxx

  2. Haha, as I write this I'm inhaling a bag of jolly rancher jelly beans. Easter candy is my absolute favorite! I love going to the store on the day after and getting it all super cheap! Because I'm cheap like that. Hahaha. I love all your Easter bags/gift tags, you really get into it! Also, I am SUPER JEALOUS of those heart covered Chuck Taylors. So stinking cute! Are you back in the UK or are you still in Oz?


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