Wednesday, 30 April 2014

April Photo Challenge - Week 3

I'm baaaack! HI!
Did you even notice I was gone?! Well shame on you if you didn't (even though it was only a week and a bit!) Anyway, I went to Singapore and I had such a wonderful time! Ahhh it was so much fun! I'll post about it all soon!

I did miss you though, and now I'm still in holiday mode I don't feel like doing anything, not even blogging, ugh don't you hate that! I have a lot of catching up to do actually, I've just noticed that I've got two hundred and thirteen unread blog posts on bloglovin, and that's just in my favourites tab! Better hop to it!

Today I'm going to start slow with a catch up post of the April photo challenge - I managed to use some Singapore photos too!! Enjoy! And do stop by to catch me up on what I've been missing in your lives xx

Day 17: Something I learned...

I love and stand by this!!

Day 18: Good...
Good Friday Tradition :) Hot Cross Buns!

Day 19: Money...
I've got a few different currencies floating around

Day 20: Egg..
Easter Egg Island, Universal Studios!!

Day 21: Close...
Eeeeee, you don't know how excited I got when I spotted this!!

Day 22: Four Things...
Marty, Alex, Melman & Gloria, so cool!!

Day 23: Entrance...
Universal Studios Singapore!!

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  1. Welcome back doll, I had wondered where you were, am glad you had a great time and I look forward to seeing all about it!! I want to go to Madagascar, that looks really fun!! Hope you have a marvelous week doll xx

  2. I missed you!!!!! I loved your instagram though. Hope you had a nice trip!


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