Friday, 2 May 2014

April Photo Challenge - Week 4

Happy Friday dolls! And HAPPY MAY!!! I can't believe we are here already!! Annnnd this means my birthday is less than a week away, arghhh mid twenties is fast approaching!

Wishing you an awesome month and a fab weekend xxx

Day 24: Pop of colour...

My very own minon!!

Day 25: Remember...

I'm the biggest travel hoarder!

Day 26: Enjoy the little things...

I flipped out when I saw this FIFA coke bottle, had to have it!!

Day 27: Under my feet...

Out in the beautiful Japanese garden at our hotel in Singapore

Day 28: Chaotic...

Lego time! Here is the finished product, so cool right!!?

Day 29: Contrast...

Haji Lane, Singapore - really cool place!

Day 30: Something silly...

My new mug from my cousin this Easter!! Looove! Super cute!

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  1. The FIFA bottle is awesome, love that!! Never seen it before. And the new mug is precious. I hope you have a great weekend doll, enjoy yourself xx

  2. Fantastic photos, as always!
    Have a lovely weekend

  3. Is that a soccer ball Coke bottle???? Amazing!!


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