Friday, 16 May 2014

May Photo Challenge - Week 2

Happy Friday! Today I made Snickerdoodle cupcakes which I've been dying to make for ages, I actually forgot to add the vanilla and only remembered once my batch was in the oven, boooo what a fail! They turned out OK, they look better than they taste if I'm honest. I loaded them up with some cinnamon buttercream using my new Wilton frosting tips that a friend gave me for my Birthday, the frosting is actually super sweet so I'm advising people to scrape half off before they tuck in! All in all it was a great way to practice piping frosting! Do you have a favourite cupcake recipe for me to try? I'm always looking for more!

Wishing you a great weekend xxx

Day 07: Taken from Above...

Seating pods in the bar of our hotel lobby in Singapore, so pretty!

Day 08: Blue...

Best Birthday present EVER!!!

Day 09: Favourite...

Love this!

Day 10: In the Garden...

Little Dutch houses and tulips from Holland were on display when we visited the Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay (tulips are my favourite flower!)

Day 11: Mother...


Day 12: Ready...

Twenty five years old and still carrying a backpack!

Day 13: I spy...


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  1. I still have yet to see this Frozen movie, my girls have seen it, but I haven't yet. It's ok to use a backpack. haha. Gorgeous pictures, I like the one of your mother, so sweet :)) I hope you have a wonderful weekend doll xx

  2. Those seating pods are pretty. And backpacks are convenient! :)

  3. I LOOOOVE that picture with the tulips, they are my fave, too! It is a dream in life to go to Holland for many many reasons. Tulips are one of them. I started drooling when I read "snickerdoodle cupcakes," as they are my favorite cookies! YUM!!!

    Happy weekend <3

  4. Oh I love challenge's! Should do one myself this summer :) Loving the pictures!
    Favorite: I spy!


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