Thursday, 22 May 2014

May Photo Challenge - Week 3

Another weekend is upon us, boy is time flying!
I'm super excited for the finales of Amazing Race and Survivor tonight, I've tried to stay off social media all week for fear of spoilers! I hope my favourites win!!!

Wishing you a fab weekend xxx

Day 14: Lines...

In hindsight, not the most flattering dress for my childbearing hips :/

Day 15: From where I walk...

Skinny jeans and purple converse kind of day!

Day 16: Create...

Snickerdoodle cupcakes and cinnamon buttercream

Day 17: Bag...

My favourite, from Zara!

Day 18: Something I drew...

Little Minion doodle!

Day 19: Alone...

Excited to start this!

Day 20: Waiting...

For my tea to steep!

Day 21: Card...

Still have my 1st Birthday Card!

Day 22: Free...

Come Together - The Beatles

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  1. What a cute little cup! Your outfit is adorable, I love lines. Could I pick up one of those cupcakes, you can have the minion bring it over. Happy Thursday!

  2. Are you serious with that dress and the "child bearing hips," comment?? You look amazing!!

  3. You look lovely doll, gorgeous dress. I hope you have a fun weekend :) xx


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