Thursday, 19 June 2014

June Photo Challenge - Week 2

Oops, I forgot to blog. Ugh. My life.

Day 09: We live here...

"Live gently upon this Earth"

Day 10: Flying...

Well, there's a plane?

Day 11: Beginning...

Of pudding season! This is an apple tarte tatin!

Day 12: Pastel...

This knit from Peter Alexander is the softest thing I own!

Day 13: Simply...


Day 14: Cross...


Day 15: Lovely...

Baking night! Choc raspberry cupcakes with choc ganache!

Day 16: In the Shadows...

She's The Batman.
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  1. Love this cat picture, soooo cute!! And the cupcakes look marvellous, yummy!! I hope you have a great weekend doll xx

  2. Oh my gosh, I'm on day 6 of my sugar detox, and the pics of those sweet treats are making me droooool. Ganche! Chocolate! YUM! I adore that sweater, I have something quite similar, but it doesn't look as soft/comfy as yours. The CatMan picture is great, now I am determined to get a photo of my Linky Cat like that!!! Also, I love those new cross jewelry where the cross is sideways.

  3. I love your photos! And those cupcakes look delicious! <3


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