Thursday, 26 June 2014

June Photo Challenge - Week 4

Hey guys! How are you?
I feel like I have so much to blog about but I'm too friggin lazy! It's just been so cold and I've been happy snuggling in bed and watching the World Cup! Because of the time difference the early matches only air here at 11:30pm, and the last usually airs at 5am yikes - I love staying up and watching all the matches though, it's been very exciting! Have you been watching? Who are you cheering for?

Anyway I'm behind again on my photo challenge - here is week 4 - less than a week and we are in July!!! You know what that means right?!? Less than SIX MONTHS TILL CHRISTMAS AHHHHHHHHHH!!

Day 17: Peaceful...

Lovely to be by the fire while it's so stormy out!

Day 18: Quirky...

Minnie Mouse tee!

Day 19: Habit...

Serial lip biter, ugh.

Day 20: Yay!...

Birthday cupcakes for Dad!

Day 21: Here I am...

Attempting a rainbow cake.

Day 22: Growing...

My favourite thing to do in Winter is get fat! SO GOOD!

Day 23: In this moment...

Finishing off Dad's birthday card!

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  1. I love challenges, they make me feel good! :D

  2. The Minnie Mouse tshirt is so cute, love that & of course, love those cupcakes :))) xx

  3. Did my comment go through?? I'm not sure, so I will leave another just in case. Anyway, we aren't as World Cup crazy over here in the states as the rest of the world. But I have watched a few games, and Sunday nights game was pretty exciting. I plan on watching tonight's game with US.
    How did the rainbow cake come out?

  4. That's awesome that you're making your dad's card! Sorry it's cold there. We've been watching the games here too. Hubby's a diehard fan. :)

  5. Everyone's crazy about world cup around me and I am like "Hi , football is cute." That's all I really know *sigh*


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