Friday, 11 July 2014

July Photo Challenge - Week 1

Happy Friday!! Hope you've had a wonderful week and wishing you a marvellous weekend -
Who are you cheering for in the World Cup Final? I think I'm going for Germany!!

Day 01: Red + White...
Strawberries and cream!

Day 02: Something beginning with 'K'...
Kate! #idol

Day 03: Match...

Definitely tennis people!

Day 04: Star...

Hollywood walk of fame!

Day 05: On the table...

Minion mug!

Day 06: View...

From the SkyDeck at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore!

Day 07: First...

First line of Pride and Prejudice, need this on my wall!

Day 08: I've never...

You know it!

Day 09: Alive...

Struggling but I do love this!

Day 10: Sharp...

They don't make them like they used to!

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  1. Oh gosh, Harrison Ford in his day. perfection. There aren't many A listers today with that classy, ruggedly handsome look anymore. SWOON.
    Is that top picture, the strawberries and cream, candy?
    I NEED that Kate Spade bag. My birthday is coming up….
    I also NEED that minion coffee mug.
    How cute are you playing tennis!??! Love the purple sneakers!

  2. I love the view of Singapore! I also love the minion mug. :)

  3. I'm cheering for Germany without a doubt! Gooooo germany


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