Monday, 21 July 2014

July Photo Challenge - Week 2

Happy Monday dolls! I've been busy babysitting, marathon-ing Criminal Minds and spending loads in the Target sale - other than that it's been pretty quiet over here, what's new with you?!

Day 11: Gold...
OPI Euro Mini Collection: OY-Another Polish Joke!
(love the names of OPI colours!)

Day 12: Interior...

In love with Nina Proudman's loft on Offspring!

Day 13: Look Up...

Disneyland Paris!!

Day 14: Old School...

Still have all my favourite childhood videos!

Day 15: Torn...

I don't get why people would pay for clothes that have holes in them!
Having said that, this is my fave denim jacket, a gift from my bro!

Day 16: Listening to...

The 1975, on repeat!

Day 17: Sunshine...

Harbour dates!

Day 18: Admire...


Day 19: Curly...


Day 20: Moment...

Ferrero ice cream dates!

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  1. I still have all of my favorite Disney videos too, they are similar to yours. Aww, look at that face, what a sweetheart! I love the names of the OPI polishes, they crack me up. Happy Monday!

  2. That is not frizz, haha. You should see my hair, I can show you real frizz. Haha. You have gorgeous hair. The royal baby is so sweet, bless. I hope your week is lovely doll xx

  3. I have paid more than once for clothes with holes in them (for my teen daughter). I'll be glad when that trend is gone. ;) The jean jacket you have looks cool. And that baby!! Aww! That is a cute face. :)

  4. These are perfect! More great photos.
    Keep posting them my dear!


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