Thursday, 3 July 2014

June Photo Challenge - Week 5

Hey hey hey! Happy July dolls!! I can't believe it! Where has this year gone?! Soon we'll be getting ready for Christmas! Speaking of which, I actually bought my first Christmas present the other day [WHAT!?] I know, I'm mad, but it is currently end of financial year here and that means SALES GALORE wooohooo!

Anyway, here is the final part of the June challenge - Yes I'm continuing on into July, at this point I think I've been doing the challenge for a year now!!

Day 24: What June looks like...
The sun is deceiving, it's friggin cold out!

Day 25: Sun flare...
Being a creep on the train!

Day 26: Dreaming...
I dreamt that I made scones and I woke up craving them, you know I had to whip some up!!

Day 27: Loving...
Swooning over this side table that my Bro made for me!!

Day 28: Bed...
Fresh linen to welcome in July, definitely needs an iron!

Day 29: Delight...
My last bunny from Easter!

Day 30: The End...
Do you know what movie this is from?!

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  1. Made you look!!! HAHAHA, Love that movie.

    You still have chocolate bunnies left from Easter!?!?!?! Wow, I'm in awe, I usually inhale my basket in the first 5 days… And I am swooning over the table your brother made you. That is Pinterest worthy! Impressive! <3

  2. These are great doll, it's not been that warm here either, considering it's summer. Shame. Rain today as well. The scones look yummy. And I believe that is from Aladdin :) I hope you have a gorgeous weekend doll xx


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