Sunday, 6 July 2014

Sunday Social

Happy Sunday! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend xx

I want Mindy Kaling and I to be best friends.

1. What is your favourite genre of music?
I like so many different genres, I'd probably say pop or soft rock is my fave!
2. What is your favourite genre of movies?
Rom-coms for sure! Here are 58 Romantic Comdies You Need To See Before You Die (as chosen by Buzzfeed)
3. Do you watch Reality TV? If so what was the first show you remember watching?
I think that might have been Big Brother! Blergh, I know!
4. Who is an actress you’d want to be BFF’s with?
I'd love to be best friends with Mindy Kaling! And I think that Emma Stone and or Emma Watson would be pretty cool to have as buddies too!
5. Who is an actor you’d be happy to be stuck on an island with?
AHHHH Leo DiCaprio please!!

Who would you love to be stuck on an island with??

Social Sunday


  1. I love rom-coms, too! I'm going to be using that Buzzfeed list for sure! :)

  2. I heart Mindy Kaling. She is quite fabulous. Thanks for the link to the 58 RomComs. I'm definitely going to make sure I see all of them (and I've seen/own quite a few already)! Stopping by from the link up!

  3. Emma stone is one of my favorites too, she's beauitful! I hope your having a great Sunday.

  4. Thanks for the link to the 58 comedies you must see.

  5. I heart Leo. Muaah
    I did watch the Indian version of big brother(called big boss) yes blaah!

  6. I said Emma Stone, too!

  7. Emma Stone was definitely considered for me for #4!

  8. I chose Chris Hemsworth. He could do all of the 'manly' things while I watch. :)

    I forgot about Big Brother, I used to watch that as well.

  9. Yeah for Mindy! She's my dream BFF as well.

  10. Ohhhh there are some good movies on that list - It Happened One Night, Roman Holiday...such classic films.
    Have a great week!

  11. Hahaha...Leonardo!! Good choice, I think he'd had a lot to talk about really, so it wouldn't get boring. Everytime I see his face I think of when my younger sister was absolutely besotted with him & I had to go with her to see Titanic over 10 times in the theatre and hang up all her posters of him, she had over a thousand, haha. And when the film came out on dvd, My mum and I had to go at midnight when it was released to buy it!! She was over the moon for him. Now, all that stuff is in boxes, hahahahaha!! Crazy times :))) Happy Monday doll xx

  12. I looooove that picture of Mindy! I'd probably say Kristen Bell for #4 and Charlie Hunnam for the island win


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