Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Things & Links - World Cup!

Ahh it's a sports post! I'll be honest, this was all so I could post pictures of my favourite players -- you're welcome!

I like it when their shirts are so tight that you can see each individual ab!

I find it really rude and awkward when a player doesn't sing along to their Country's Anthem.

When they swap shirts at the end of every match OMG.

Those frigging idiots that flop all over the ground as if they're dying really annoy me. Man up. No one likes a faker.

Divers are the absolute worst.

Vogue Daily — Claudio Marchisio

I Google every player that I find attractive and then get heartbroken when I find out that they're married to some gorgeous model and have a bunch of kids!!

My favourites include: Sergio Ramos (ESP), Robin Van Persie (NED), James Rodriguez (COL) and Claudio Marchisio (ITA) 

I don't get the whole Cristiano Ronaldo thing, am I the only one?! I really just wanna wash his hair!

I love a good celebration! And when they all hug and huddle together ahhh!!

At the moment I'd like to see either The Netherlands or Brazil win!

[Robin Van Persie]

And finally, some links (ENJOY!!) 

The 15 Most Important Hairstyles of The World Cup - Swooning over Silver Fox Van Persie!!

48 Of The Most Outrageous Fans From The World Cup - Just in case you thought I was focusing on sexy men too much!!

Have you been watching The Cup?
Who are your favourite players/teams?


  1. I'd like to see Brazil or the Netherlands win too :) Divers are annoying,t hey waste time and look ridiculous. This post made me laugh, you're so sweet :)) I hope you get a footballer one day too ;-) xx

  2. I'm Italian so I'm proud of Claudio Marchisio beauty, but James Rodriguez is def my type!!

  3. I wonder if this is why my gf likes to watch so much w/her hubby. She says it's because she's from Brazil, but she sure does have some comments about those players too. ;)

  4. I know nothing about soccer (or futbol since I'm in Mexico City), but I do like cute boys in shorts so I've enjoyed the World Cup coverage!

  5. Oh no. I may have to re-evaluate our friendship now that you say you like Sergio Ramos. He is #3 on my most hated footballers list!


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