Friday, 20 July 2012

Happy Heart!!

©This picture of Zayn ©©© ©Butterscotch Pudding! OMG. ©Wimbledon Mens Final!! (even though Murray was runner-up!) ©Etsy packages arriving when you least expect it!! ©Eating a pack of M&Ms and then having a blue tongue for agessssss ©Seinfeld bloopers!! ©Surprise lunch dates. ©A new phone, that actually works! ©Singing One Direction in the Shower! ©Cleaning out my wardrobe and finding clothes I forgot I had! ©Shopping dates with my Mumma! ©Reading The Help at all hours of the night, and not being able to put it down. ©3...2...1... – love this blog, Chelsea is super cute!!

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  1. Aww I noticed you posted me on here, that was so sweet of you! :) My friend, you have completely made my day.

    Isn't finding clothes you forgot you had such a wonderful feeling? That actually happened to me this morning!



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