Bucket List

©See the World.
©Read Anna Karenina.
 ©Have a night at the Ballet.
©Try Yoga.
©Write the novel I know I have inside.
©Clear out my DVR!
©Learn to speak a foreign language.
©Go swimming at midnight in the South of France.
©Tell someone the story of my life, sparing no details.
©Learn how to take a compliment.
©Buy a round the world ticket and run away!
©Send a message in a bottle.
©Ride a camel into the desert.
©Get to know my neighbours.
©Plant a tree and grow a garden.
©Learn to say yes when I really mean no!
©Write a fan letter to my all-time favourite hero.
©Fall deeply in love – helplessly and unconditionally.
©Stay out all night dancing and go to work without having gone home (just once).
©Drink beer at Oktoberfest in Munich!
©Be someone’s mentor.
©Shower in a Waterfall.
©Ask for a raise.
©Learn to play a musical instrument with some degree of skill.
©Spend New Years in an exotic location.
©Get passionate about a cause and spend time helping it, instead of thinking about it.
©Make a complete and utter fool of myself.
©Sleep under the stars.
©Write a will.
©Ride a giant rollercoaster.
©Give a homeless person my lunch.
©Make a snowman.
©Go wild in Rio during Carnival!
©Spend a whole day reading a great novel.
©Forgive my parents.
©Learn to juggle with three balls!
©Find a job I love.
©Learn to ballroom dance.
©Give blood.
©Overcome my fear of failure.
©Buy my own house and spend time making it into exactly what I want.
©Drive a convertible with the top down and the music blaring.
©Go up in a hot air balloon.
©Create my family tree.
©Turn my mobile off for a week.
©Write a letter to my Grandchildren.
©Watch every James Bond film.
©Accept myself for who I am.