Saturday, 1 September 2012

10 Things...

  1. Andy Murray won Olympic GOLD!! Totally balled my eyes out and gave me major goose bumps #godsavethequeen #soproud
  2. Today my Nanna turned 97! I can't believe it! I'm so blessed to still have my Great Grandmother :)
  3. I really can’t think of anything other than my rudimentary repetitive posts to write about. This sucks! Ahhhhh.
  4. Unless it’s my family, I hate eating in front of people, seriously! Isn’t that just ridiculous?!
  5. My cousin and I are extremely close, she knows everything about me!
  6. We have now selected the Mexican folk song Cielito Lindo as ‘Our Song’ !! We are weirdo’s !!
  7. As addictive and interesting as Tribal Wives is I always have to turn away when they kill their dinner.
  8. Going to bed knowing what I’m having for breakfast tomorrow is my kind of excitement!
  9. One of my most recent crazy dreams: Andrew Garfield & I were front-runners in a Tour de France-esque race, my Cousin then tried to murder us but we made it to the finish line A-OK ! #weird
  10. I really really want to thank you, my readers, for keeping me going with this blog and helping me to continue to write (however much nonsense and drivel it may be). If it weren’t for you this blog would be no more.
What’s going on in your world, lovely? Xx

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  1. Wow! 97! happy birthday to her :)
    Not much going on in my life, I have an iphone I want to get working, it's from the UK and needs to be unlocked so I can put my sim card in it. It's proving to be quite stressful, I don't want to use dodgy software :P

    -Frances x


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