Monday, 25 February 2013

10 Things

  1. The Lion King was on TV this past weekend, seriously cannot believe how much I love this movie. Pretty much took up my whole childhood!!
  2. My new TV addictions include: My Kitchen Rules, The Mindy Project, Whitney and Downton Abbey!
  3. Knowing what's happened on Downton and being able to threaten my parents with spoilers makes me feel so powerful!! I'll never understand why they want to wait for it to air on TV when I've already got season 3 on my boxee… WITHOUT ADS!! #sooldschool
  4. I will absolutely spend $50 more to get free shipping just to avoid paying $3 for shipping!
  5. Just found out that Disney on Ice is coming to town – I know it’s for kids but I AM SOOOO GOING!!!! #kidatheart
  6. I hate facials. I don’t like people touching my face and my skin is so sensitive. I’m in a bit of a pickle because a friend has asked me to go along and get a facial done by her (part of her beauty course she is studying) and I really don’t want to, I need help getting out of it!??
  7. I wish I could just say ‘No’ when I wanted and not have to worry about what people think of me. I hate being such a pushover.
  8. Whenever I put on a fresh clean pyjama shirt I almost always spill tomato sauce on myself.
  9. I never ever listen to voicemails!! Just text me and I’ll call you back!
  10. When my 8 year old cousin and I go shopping or out for milkshakes she always spies cute boys looking at me and she loves to make a big deal about it. It’s totally flattering and embarrassing at the same time!!!!
Here’s a question #8 got me thinking about: How often do you change your pyjamas?
Haha, sorry if it seems so personal! I’m so curious, I change mine every 4 days or so, is that good or bad?? Omg, maybe I’ve shared too much!!!


  1. I love the Lion King, it's brilliant!! Have a wonderful week x

  2. lion king is a good movie. tell your friend the truth, that you don't like people touching your face. there are a lot of people that feel that way. i don't like paying for shipping either. :p of course guys are checking you out because you're pretty. your cousin sounds cute. i change pajamas every day, partly because i do spill food all over them.

  3. Thank you for leaving such a sweet comment about my coffee table :)


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