Thursday, 8 May 2014

Happy Heart

So did anyone else know that Google puts a Birthday banner up for you on your special day?? I didn't until a few moments ago when I opened Google and thought it was so random that today's banner was this:  
Happy Birthday Cheriese!

I thought "Hey, that's weird..." and then I hovered over it and it said "HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHERIESE!" -Well colour me surprised! How did I not know this?? Once again, late to the party!!

I've had such a cute day today - My bro surprised me with McDonalds breakfast (my favourite!) Then we jammed out to some MJ. I snuggled in bed and watched some Bob's Burgers then had my Gran and cousins over for afternoon tea and now I'm about to have dinner with my parents - it's been so lovely!! Annnnd I was totally spoilt rotten, as usual! I love these guys to death!

I thought it'd be fitting to do a Happy Heart post today - so apart from today's whole love-fest, here is what else is filling my heart with bliss!
©Michael Buble in Concert - so smooth! One of my favourite people to see live!

©When money falls out of Birthday cards!!
©The Mad Men theme song ©Shopping for Mother's Day presents with my bro
©M&S Jaffa Cakes ©Baking days
©This Benedict Cumberbatch Colouring Book - OH MY ACTUAL GOD!
©Singapore Slings ©Frozen yoghurt topped with hundreds and thousands
©Rollercoasters ©New jewellery
©Card making ©Chilli hot chocolate
©Frozen is finally out on DVD!!!!! ©Boat rides
©Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield (just because they are so freaking cute together!)
©When someone else pays for dinner ©Boxes upon boxes of Ferrero Rocher's

What is making your heart happy?


  1. Happy birthday! I didn't know google did that, how awesome. Then again their employees are allowed to nap as long as the work gets done. I hope you have a great day with a lot of money falling out of cards.

  2. Happy Birthday! I loved the little Google message too- it's so cute!

  3. I did not know Google did that but it's cool. And Happy Birthday to you!!

    I'd like to see Michael Buble live. I bet it is a good show.

  4. I wasn't online so much yesterday, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! I can send you wishes today instead, I hope your birthday was marvellous doll and you enjoyed yourself!! May all your wishes come true always!! You're a dear girl and I always enjoy coming here!! That's so cool what Google does, I didn't know that, haha!! Amazing!! Have a wonderful weekend my sweet. Lots of loves and hugs to you XOX


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