Sunday, 21 December 2014


Just a quick note to say YES, I'm still alive! Life has been weighing me down a little, but hopefully I'll be back to blogging like normal in the New Year!

Wishing you and yours a wonderful, safe and happy Christmas! 



  1. And a Merry Christmas to you!

  2. If it weren't for your almost daily IG posts I would have been worried! Sometimes we all just need a break from blogging! Hope this finds you doing well, and have a VERY MERRY HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!!!

  3. Am glad you're enjoying yourself doll...I hope your Christmas was bliss and you have a fun time bringing in the New Year!! Xxx

  4. I laughed at the gifs, my son is loving Home Alone right now. :) A break from blogging can be refreshing. I took one over the holidays too. :)

  5. Oh! you have comment approval, ha! I thought I commented before but it didn't stick. You can delete this one, and the one I just left if you don't want me hogging the comments section, ha! :)


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